About Nursing

Nursing in one of the fundamental and interrelated sectors of medical science. Nursing as an art and practice originated from the pre-historic ages itself. In the beginning, medical science and nursing science were not separate, but one. At that time period, treating for general ailments and nursing the one who is in need was done by the same persons. They practiced these activities based on their experiences, believes and in association with the nature.
Later on, the science got broader with more practices and knowledge base by the help of different schools of thought. This led to the separation of medical and nursing sciences into two different departments. Till 19th century, nursing was practiced by certain religions and military, but it lacked a professional code and conduct.
During the mid 19th century, with the advent of Crimean war, an English nurse named Florence Nightingale laid the foundations of professional nursing. She outlined how to practice the nursing profession in a systematic way, which later developed into the modern day nursing that we see nowadays.
Nursing is an elite profession and branch of science which needs lots of compassion, respect and service mentality towards the fellowmen, by one and all bound to the profession. The profession asks for love, honesty, loyalty, discipline, obedience, alertness, intelligence, competence, dependability, adjustability, confidence, resourcefulness, economy, courtesy, dignity, patience, sense of humour, common sense, generosity, gentleness, quietness, sympathy, empathy, tact and poise. Without the above mentioned qualities, a person could not transform into a good professional nurse and perform his/her duties efficiently. So before joining the profession each of the aspirants should introspect themselves to find out whether they have the potential to be part of the profession.
One of the major reasons for dropouts and migration into other professions are due to the ignorance about the profession at the time of joining. The candidates only prospect a bright future that comes with the nursing profession a chance to get a government job, an opportunity to migrate to developed countries, and financial stability that comes with it. But, they fail to visualize the commitment essential to the profession and the sufferings associated with it.
Due to the changing health status of the population, it is highly necessary and demanding to train and mould a large work force in the nursing department to meet the needs in our country and worldwide. However, we should make real effort in selecting only the worthy and competent ones to join the manpower to provide future nursing care.
Each of the nursing, irrespective of their area of practice health care, education, research, independent and specialist practices, etc. should act wisely in polishing the nursing science and practice to equip for the needs of the future generations.
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About the college

Here, in Manoj Jain Memorial college of Nursing Science and Research Centre, we function in a unique way in imparting  the knowledge to our students. We give utmost care in moulding the future generation of nurses for the mankind, keeping in mind that they are going be responsible for taking care of many fellowmen, who may come seeking for medical attention.
We aim at giving our students a foundation to start with, regarding the basic concepts of nursing,  developing a nursing oriented attitude, etc., as they are about to experience a novel category of science. From this foundation, we build the future ladies and gentlemen with lamp to flash a light of hope to the sick and suffering.
We realize that nursing science is an entirely different stream of knowledge, which is away from whatever a candidate had studied till date through formal education, but related to them. Hence we give simplified examples and relative phenomena to make them understand the concept easily.
Moreover, our campus is a place for convergence of various cultures and actives. We does not confine to only academic activities in our campus. Being a student in our campus is like joining a celebration. We try to explore the talents hidden in students through various means. The college hosts various sports meets in itra-collegiate and inter-collegiate levels, cultural fests, college day, other nationally and domestically important occasions, etc.
There will be a near future when our students will spread smiles to thousands of faces who will come to get ease from their sufferings and diseases.
May God bless you all.

Jyothis John,
M. Sc. (N),
The Principal,
Manoj Jain Memorial Colleges of Nursing Science and Research Center, Santa, M.P.
Mob. : +91-8963971504