Every student of MJM College of Nursing is advised to go through the rules and regulations published and to strictly obey the same. Any violation from the rules and regulations of the college are severely punishable and any student who does so is subjecting to explain the reason for such activities. However, even after giving explanation, he or she may have to under go the punishment ordered by the college authorities. The rules and regulations are as given below.

  1. Be punctual to the college.
  2. All of the student participate in the scheduled morning assembly for prayer, national anthem and nurse’s pledge.
  3. Wear proper and full uniform whenever coming to the college.
  4. All students should wear ID card during college hours.
  5. Give respect to teachers and address them properly.
  6. All the students should attend the programs organized by the college.
  7. Use of mobile phone or any other electronic and entertainment gadgets are strictly prohibited inside the college premises. Mobile phone should be switched of when any student enters the campus.
  8. Smoking, boozing and use of any form of tobacco are strictly banned and those who violate will be rusticated from the college.
  9. Ragging, in any from of it, is strictly prohibited and any violation of it will be punished severely.
  10. Inform the consent authority regarding leave and secure permission in advance. In case of emergency, if any student took leave with out informing, get permission to attend the class before the commencement of next day’s class. He/she should bring letter from their guardians too.
  11. Maintain silence inside the college, especially in classes and library.
  12. Do not wander in college premises or leave the campus during class hours with out permission.
  13. Do not mishandle any of the college equipments. Students will be fined, if found otherwise.
  14. All the students have to strictly attend any examination conducted by college, based on which their internal mark will be allotted.
  15. Leaves exceeding university/board/nursing council norms are punishable and the students who have deficiencies in attendance will not be permitted to appear in annual examinations.
  16. Books issued from library should be returned with in five days of issuance.
  17. Complaints, if any arises, have to reported through proper channel.
  18. Dress code for boy and girls and girls will be as follows.

1. Boys :- White shirt, white apron, white pants and black shoes. Shirt should be neatly tucked inside the pants and should wear ID over the apron. All the boys should have their beard closely shaven and have to cut short their nails. Long hair or any type of fancy ornaments should be avoided.

2. Girls :White suit, white stall, white apron and black shoes. Hair should be neatly put upped and should cut short their nails. Should wear ID over the apron. Ornaments, if could not be avoided, have to be simple not fancy and should avoid nail polishes.

The faculties of the college are requested to closely observe the students for any irregular or undisciplined activates and to report at the time of any such incidents.