About us :

Our institution is one of the top nursing colleges in this part of the state of Madhya Pradesh, which always strive to achieve great heights in academic and extracurricular activities. Our philosophy towards service is “Asatho Ma Sadgamaya, Thamaso Ma Jyothigamaya” and our entire efforts are based on this essence. We try to develope a culture among our students which will constantly urge to achieve knowledge and to live a truthful life. For us, education is not merely a mode of transmitting knowledge, but it is a process in which a student is completely transformed into an individual/professional who could stay abreast in the current competent world.

In our institution, we have all the facilities to provide quality education to the aspirants, like well equipped laboratories, class rooms with modern audio visual aids to assist in teaching, library with vast variety of books, and above all efficient & industrious academicians.

We envisage a bright future to the institution and our students and we pledge to make that a reality.

Academic Activities
Extra Curricular Activities